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Author Topic: BMW brushguards on a '79...  (Read 206 times)

Offline Rob Valdez 79 R65

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BMW brushguards on a '79...
« on: December 28, 2007, 11:43:37 PM »

Click on the picture for more.  They are all of the right side, because the left side went on with absolutely NO drama.
Also, my one photo of it was out of focus...

Here is another view:

There are a couple more pictures in that group from the politico.  They worked quite well, but it was about 51F (11C) that day.  It will be colder this weekend!

The pictures are all high resolution, and you can click on 'original' at the pBase site, and get close-up detail.

And I will have to enlarge part of my hippo hands to go over them, but I think that is do-able.

I also put the windshield back on for this weekend's rallying.  
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