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Author Topic: I used to be a Rat Bike...  (Read 11636 times)

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Re: I used to be a Rat Bike...
« Reply #90 on: August 18, 2020, 08:33:13 PM »

Thank you, I got the message this morning and will reply shortly.

Turning back a moment to your rockers, redressing the rocker pad is not really your problem. Just about any old school shop will have a Wolf valve and rocker service tool which will do the job a treat.

When you find one telll the operator not to hog down too tightly on the rocker or they will fracture the sides out of the needle roller bearings, these are catalogue parts and not particulalry expensive, but you need to make tooling up to press the old ones out and the new ones in - you also need a fair sized vice to do the pressing.

Your real problem is that BMW have never been very generous with the depth of hardening they provide. Your real problem is to find a shop to re-harden the lash pads. There is a balcksmithing works in Atherton that has done this work for people I sent there. I did my own but I am no longer interested in doing my own case hardening since I discovered what the substances used in  "Hardite" and the gases released are (Cyanide and Phosgene amongst others) I figure ?I have enough heatlh problems without adding to them.

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