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Okay, I started following Ural's around 2000 when they were relatively inexpensive.  Yes, they had pretty cheap parts and materials, but I've heard they've improved considerably.  But really, have they improved to what I'm seeing the new dealers list prices of around 18K.  I can't believe they improved quality control that much, but I could be wrong.

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Re: Ural
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The prices on them have really taken quite a jump the past 5-7 years especially - now they have made alot of improvements with respect to gearboxes, charging systems, brakes, wiring, and paint.  But they are certainly now in the price range of most Harley Davidson and BMW bikes (albeit without sidecars attached) but to which a similar sidecar could be attached for about $5K more.   While the URAL is not really more complicated than a typical BMW airhead, the service/maintenance requirements still seem to be greater, or at least, no better, than our 30-year old bikes.  I don't think that these bikes are truly that comparable in quality and performance to new machines mentioned above, and that many dealers are banking on the rise in popularity to max out their profit margin.   I also suspect that export/import tariffs and shipping expenses from Russia aren't going down either.   Maybe the way to lower the cost would be for IRBIT/URAL to  build an assembly plant in North America, and ship/store components there.
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