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Author Topic: Balancing Carbs By Ear  (Read 323 times)

Offline Rob Valdez 79 R65

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Balancing Carbs By Ear
« on: August 12, 2008, 07:05:24 PM »
Well, I think I have finally "learnt how"...

Due to my lifestyle, of staying awake all night, sleeping all day, and hardly getting the bike out except for the commute (22 days in a row!), there is hardly a time that I have my engine warmed up well for carburetor adjustments, except when I get home from work at 2-3am...

Somehow I don't see the neighbors appreciating me working on the bike then.

The R65 has been running well, but since I hadn't checked them in several months, I felt I should do something...

So Sunday evening, I went for a pleasure ride, just to get out, and think about Bill a little.

I got home, hooked up the home-made manometer, and while it idled well, it was not "visually perfect". So I tweaked, got everything balanced, and the engine still idled, so I shut everything down and closed up the garage until work the next day.

On Monday, I found out I had messed up the bike pretty bad, lol! It would idle, sort of. No better once it warmed up, either. It was easy to tell that one cylinder was doing all the work. Yuck...

So this morning, at @2am, I fiddle with them a little bit when I get home, but not to my satisfaction.

I decide to bring a long screwdriver along with me on my ride to work, and give it a shot in the parking lot when I arrive.

I back off on the set screws (butterfly) a bit, but it is still running. The left side sounds like it is doing the work, so I screw that mixture screw in, while doing the opposite on the right.
I'll be damned! This actually works!
A little bit more on the mixture screws, and then back off the set screws a little more, as apparently they were what was keeping the poor thing idling after my interference on Sunday.

I'll let you know how it turned out tomorrow.