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Author Topic: Where there's smoke, there's...  (Read 767 times)

Offline Justin B.

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Where there's smoke, there's...
« on: November 17, 2006, 07:21:09 PM »
Woo-Hoo!!!  The '82 ran for about 10 seconds, about long enough to kill all of the bugs who haven't frozen to death yet...  ;D

I have good strong spark but my carb-jigsaw must have a piece or two out of place.  I cranked it to death and not a spurt, pulled both chokes wide open, cracked the throttle, and it reluctantly grumbled to life in a giant cloud of smoke  :o and wouldn't stay running after I let go of the chokes...  :-/ But, it's some amount of progress.

I then pulled the plugs and put half a dozen squirts of motor oil in each, put plugs back in, and turned it over a couple of times.  During cranking the oil pressure light extinguished after a couple of strokes and after starting no internal parts tried to escape and I heard no knocking or other equally scary noises.  I'll let everything marinate 'til tomorrow, check the enrichers to make sure I have them on the correct sides, and try it again.

Of course, I had one carb that felt it had to piss all over the patio (it is a Beemer with Bings, after all) so I'll check the needle on that one.  I used one new and one used needle, the incontinent one probably has the old needle, but I had to try it.  I have never been one for throwing brand new parts at something if'n the old ones will still function.  I did use new floats and even changed the throttle shaft O-rings.  Of course I had to change them as the seller had done a TOTAL disassembly - no half-a$$ing it with that guy!

More to come...
Justin B.

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Re: Where there's smoke, there's...
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2006, 08:32:50 PM »
Congrats on getting it to turn over!
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