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Author Topic: Forgot to mention - Never Touch a Tiger - Grandad  (Read 126 times)

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Forgot to mention - Never Touch a Tiger - Grandad
« on: March 04, 2023, 12:52:24 PM »
Hi all, I became a Grandad in November last year. Forgot to mention that!  ::)

Little 'un is now 4 months and doing well. I am concerned that my daughter is giving him far too much input  >:(
* He wants to stand and will insist on being held so he can.
* Follows people with his head and eyes.
* Smiles for mum.
* Starts cooing when music is played.
* Giggles when his dad tickles him and makes noises expecting more.
* Feeds the dog by taking a treat, putting it to the greyhound and opening his hand when the dog comes to take it.
* REALLY wants to keep his head up and will do so on his side until he is helped to a standing or stitting position.
* Watches coffee, ice cream and other adult food and drink and reaches to try. He isn't moving his legs to walk to where he wants, but they are straight and he is very determined. Crawling doesn't do it, although he can roll over and get in that position by himself.

OK, this is all great, but what really worries me is that when presented a book called 'Never Touch a Tiger', grabs it and opens the pages. He then puts his hands on the textures, looks at the words and stares for a minute at a time, putting his hand over the words. Then turns the page by himself. Yes 4 months and takes one hand to open the book again  :o

Honestly, I have a series of photos with my wife holding grandson like he is 2 or 3 reading a book. He turns the page after a minute or two until they get to the end. I don't remember either of my kids doing anything like that at this age. Perhaps I was too tired and busy feeding, nappying and cleaning up to notice?

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Re: Forgot to mention - Never Touch a Tiger - Grandad
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2023, 08:31:22 PM »
Maybe this is a good sign she won't grow up and turn into a social media and game junkie!
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