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Author Topic: for sale - Pair of Ignition Coils and a headlight reflector for R65 etc.  (Read 261 times)

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Having a bit of a workshop clear out and thought these might be useful to someone. They came off a 1980 R65 and are original fitment items as far as I can tell. Willing to post within the UK only please.

 - Pair of Bosch Ignition coils. I took these off and replaced them with new a couple of years ago in the quest for a mysterious ignition problem that turned out to be a duff brand new condenser!  They worked fine up to that point.  Boxes are from the replacements but part numbers are the same. Offers around 40 the pair plus postage.

- Bosch headlamp reflector. Good overall condition with a couple of small scratches (and a temporary thumb print near the edge) in the reflector surface. 170mm outside diameter.  Offers around 40.

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