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Author Topic: Is This Fake News???  (Read 328 times)

Offline Justin B.

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Is This Fake News???
« on: December 27, 2021, 11:17:30 PM »
I usually take anything coming out of MSN with a very small grain of salt but this sounded scary enough to maybe a some truth to it.  Please, my Brit cousins, tell me y'all won't let this happen!
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Re: Is This Fake News???
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2021, 08:29:15 AM »
It's a capitalist economy. Covid has skewed it and all us lesser mortals are hanging on to our fuel efficient, but dirty diesels or increasingly older (and increasingly valuable) petrol cars. Whilever Mrs Jones has to get through the melee to school in her SUV/MBT and Mr Jones pays a LOT less and takes half the time than public transport getting to work in his SUX6000, then nothing is changing. Chuck in a chance of a deadly infection on public transport which makes the system more stubborn.

The rich, famous or DINKIEs may swap to a new EV and those who might travel by pushbike, moped or on foot now swap to EV2W. EV4W are way too expensive.

The UK government has no interest in motorcycles, EV or not and neither do the EV sellers/lenders as there is no profit in them. I have that first hand from one of the largest UK stealers. Also, the initial government tax incentives are in planned degradation. Covid and the huge associated overdraft won't help that.

Horses are phenomenal money pits in the UK. Lovable as they are. I've seen families broke and divided - we are talking the cost of a small house per horse here.

My next car? New EV 40K or 700 PER MONTH, less depreciation, which is another 20K in 30 years....... 5 year old diesel 10K. Almost no depreciation now, fuel costs low as I am working 70% at home. No worries about tax incentives disappearing in 3-5 years. 10 minutes guilt until I look at China building new coal power stations and the US and Mexico doing as little as they think they might need to get away with and doing 40 miles a week currently.
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