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Author Topic: LED Torches  (Read 125 times)

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LED Torches
« on: January 28, 2021, 12:20:33 PM »
A few posts about LED lights on here. I spent a little time finding a replacement for my Ebay special from about 5 years ago. Things have moved on.... Sofirn c8f uses 21700 Lithium cells. These are the big fat brother to the 18650s. One of these babies can put out serious current and combined with the modern LEDs in this torch gives a really great beam in a small package.

High power is similar to high beam on a modern car unit, Turbo is brighter still. I use the lower setting to walk the dogs and still have to be wary not to blind any drivers.

Haven't stepped in anything nasty in the dark for weeks now. Poop detection is also better if one of the greyhounds has to have an un-planned pit stop whilst off the lead  :D

肉(r?u)包(bāo)子(zi)打(dǎ)狗(gǒu) (meat+bun(2nd and 3rd)+hit+dog)
* Literally: To hit a dog with a meat-bun.:-O