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Trip away on the R860


Tony Smith:
Went to the annual restorers club meet-up at scenic Cardwell by-the-sea last weekend.

As always it was a blast, catching up with other middle-aged to elderly tragics. Much wine beer and spirits were consumed and many entertaining lies exchanged.

I went to the gathering on my R860 as this is the very first time I have been well enough in the last 18 months to take it on a run to finish running it in.

My wife came with me on her bike - the modern G650GS as I ran out of time to prep her R65/80. We travelled at a legal 100kph (60MPH) with occasional passing excursions beyond that (and expecially one long one by me on the way home which saw the 860 better the 80mph mark (Reagan era speedo) by a considerable margin, I estimate around 110mph before common sense prevailed.

Some observations.

The time taken in the oriignal recommissioning to balance the rods, combined with balancing the Siebenrock slugs was time well spent - no unpleasant vibrations at any speed, and in fact pretty much turbine like smoothness at 60~70mph.

It uses less fuel than it did as a 650, probably due t not longer having to constantly herd the poor thing along to maintain highway speeds.

The additional "grunt" available for passing is a bit of an eye opener.

I am falling on love with the thing all over again, such a deceptive little pocker rocket.

The downside is that even with the long travel K100 forks it is still a dated suspension system and knocked me around a lot me than my beloved 1150GSA.

Oil temps were lower than previously, I put this down to the extra fin area on the R100 sourced barrels.

After what is now a total of 400 miles running in, it is starting more readily and revving with a certain eagerness.

It seems a long time coming, really nice to know you've arrived.

Could I twist your arm for a photo?

Sounds good and glad your getting out there again.

Tony Smith:

--- Quote ---It seems a long time coming, really nice to know you've arrived.

Could I twist your arm for a photo?
--- End quote ---

Thank you. Not a journey I would wish on my worst enemy. Still I have been incredibly lucky. Hopefully my remission will last long enough so the the fantastic new drugs that are in trials now will be generally available.

As far as my R65 goes, you have to understand that I am not big on cosmetics. It isn't pretty. There are a lot (too many) photos of it, both here and Facebook, but if you can't immediately find enough to slake your curiosity let me know and I will post some more.


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