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2019 MOA Rally Who's going to Lebanon Tennessee

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 Lebanon Tennessee June 13-15

I was wondering how many of us are going and will the flag be there

Sign up early for the best pricing

Thank you for the notice.  I left MOA several years ago, but have attended at least 2 MOA rallies in the distant past, and they were impressive.  Since it will be about 25 miles east of where I live in the southern suburbs of Nashville, I will likely attend, particularly if I finish reviving my R65LS.

Well, folks, I followed up yesterday and wound up with two tickets for $99, and those tickets are good for 13th-15th.  This deal only lasts to the 14th of this month, so if you think you might go, jump on the deal ASAP; that's a LOT cheaper than the regular prices.

Maybe we can talk more as the time approaches, about a place where we might meet during the rally.  I'd like to put some faces together with the familiar names on this site.


SueCanada and I got our tickets and we plan to be there! We took advantage of that great deal. Thanks to Sue for taking care of it and keeping me informed. Sue and I plan to meet up on the Blue Ridge parkway and ride in together. Looking forward to my first MOA National in many years.

Not sure where the flag is at this point. It was supposed to come back to me eventually, so if I get it in time I will have it with me. :-)

 I've still got it and will be bringing it to Lebanon.



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