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Alaska and back on a found R65

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Others have certainly done more ambitious things, but this is my current project -- so far, so good! I left New Hampshire on June 27, and took 14 days to get to Anchorage.

From here I am considering the Arctic Circle, Dawson City and the Cassiar Highway. Any suggestions?


--- Quote ---Any suggestions?
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I lived in Fairbanks 30 years ago and THE go to place was just outside of town called Chena Hot Springs. There is camping, cabins, yurts and a lodge. Not terribly pricey for Alaska prices and the restaurant serves a great meal. Best thing is the hot springs. They are piped inside to a pool and although they have a mineral smell it is just the thing to relax after a long day on a bike. We used to go there in the winter for Nordic skiing and relax in the pool then run outside into -20*F and dive into the snow. If it doesn't kill you it definitely lets you know you're alive.  ;D

Great tip, marcmax -- thanks!

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I am reading your reports and really enjoying have given me a lot of hope that whatever goes wrong can be fixed. Nice to know that others get down as well though....I like your attitude being brave enough to just carry on...!


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