R65 Technical FAQ/Procedures


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[1] Handlebar size

[2] GEN Light Auxiliary Circuit

[3] Pushrod Length

[4] Fork disassembly for dual shock R65.

[5] Center Stand Issues_Yes, musket-ball 1979 model

[6] [m by=585D545057390 destboard=chitchat dest=1500958015]: 'R65 suggestions for new buyer'

[7] [m by=5451585C5B350 destboard=Tech_bmw dest=1440710232]: 'Front Forks Maintenance'

[8] [m by=2C292024234D0 destboard=Tech_bmw dest=1404694209]: 'Specs for a new 82 single caliper R65 brake line'

[9] [m by=6D686165620C0 destboard=Tech_bmw dest=1457880962]: 'Introduction and question!'


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