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Chit-Chat / Re: Oilhead Quit
« Last post by Bob_Roller on August 23, 2023, 01:43:41 PM »
Got some info on my issue, there are two Hall sensors, one for ignition and one for crankshaft position .
If the crank sensor or wiring fails, the fuel pump shuts off, which is pretty much what I had, sounded like the fuel was shut off .
At least I have some place to start .
Still way too hot here to spend any amount of time in the garage .
I got an oil temperature indicating dipstick from a now out of business aftermarket BMW parts dealer, Luftmeister .
At highway speeds, 75mph, about 125 kph with an air temp of 110 F 43 C oil temp around 375 F 190C .
I installed an OEM oil cooler and it helped a lot .
But I am speed limited at these temps if I am doing anything other than my 11 mile commute to work .
I tried using full synthetic oil, Mobil 1 motorcycle oil, but got rear main seal leakage after a few weeks, so I went back to a semi-synthetic oil that I had been using for the previous 15 years .
Just wondering how to fit an Oil Temp Gauge in those conditions?  Is there the capacity to fit one on the oil filter hole?  I seem to recall that is where R series generally have their after market Oil Coolers plumbed to. 

I would not be too concerned about the oil lifespan as we used to have the Cylinder Head Temp red line on our P&W R2000s indicated at 245 Celsius.  Admittedly a bit faster than an R65 but not by much. 
Totally Off-Topic Discussions, Rants, Tire & Oil Threads, Etc. / Re: Tyre Question
« Last post by Burt on August 23, 2023, 05:01:58 AM »
Recently I have replaced the rubber on my F650 GSD and went for the cheaper option of Dunlops, just to stay legal.  Had the rear step out a fraction on a roundabout with only a few kms on it.  Interesting. 

Meanwhile I replaced the rear on my K75S and that came to a bit over $200 but I did not complain, as he was whinging about the price of a container to ship the things all the way down here.  Apparently the price has multiplied by about six.  No complaints from me as he has to earn a living. 
General Announcements / Re: New member JIMMI. Cape Town
« Last post by Burt on August 23, 2023, 04:50:07 AM »
Welkom Jimmi, 

That is a pristine looking machine.  So new that most on here would be in awe of a moto in that condition. 

If it is in original condition, then you may wish to change the brake lines to something new such as stainless ones as the rubber swells internally over time. 

Stay safe in Sunny SA. 
General Announcements / Re: New Member Cumbria, UK
« Last post by Burt on August 23, 2023, 04:46:26 AM »
Welkom Wilbo, 

They are a fun bike. 
Totally Off-Topic Discussions, Rants, Tire & Oil Threads, Etc. / Re: Flying pests!
« Last post by dogshome on August 21, 2023, 01:05:14 PM »
Wasps!!!!  :argue:

Just getting dusk and there is a steady stream of newborns heading down the side of our house. They don't stop, but there is an unmarked motorway here. The bigger ones tend to fly on, the little 'uns get in my way!!!

Anyone got a European hornets nest or queen they don't want?   :beehive:

General Announcements / Re: New Member Cumbria, UK
« Last post by dogshome on August 21, 2023, 01:03:10 PM »
Hiya from the East Midlands !

Pics please  :D
General Announcements / New Member Cumbria, UK
« Last post by wilbo on August 19, 2023, 04:51:57 AM »
Hello, I am just introducing myself as a new member and a new owner of a 1987 BMW R65.  I have been a motorcyclist for over 35years and owned countless machines and still have more than I should!  Of the BMW variety I have had a R100RT Classic, K100, R1200GS and still have a R1250RT for touring with my wife on.  I was wanting to add an air head again so I sourced a nice simple R65 Mono as they get decent reviews and are a nice light bike for when I start to to down size to more manageable machines in size and weight.

I have always s joined the owners forums as I find them a source of valuable information for maintaining and modifying my bikes so I look forwards to engaging with you all.
Discussion about "Lesser" makes, er, Non-BMW ;-) / Re: Yamaha XVS1300 Midnight Star
« Last post by dogshome on August 13, 2023, 02:09:11 PM »
I fitted a tasteful accessory to the old girl today (along with some morre serious maintenence tasks).

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