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Heh, he looks rather surly like.  Probably thinking, "What you lookin' at!?"

Yeah the little greedy birds drink sugar water.  1 part sugar, 4 parts water.  Just had to mix a new batch today.  Right now they are going through about 30 oz per day and later in the year after hatching out a couple more batches probably 48+ oz per day.

As far as chiggers go, if you get a bad batch of 'em your legs/ankles, and other parts that shan't be mentioned will look like you went through a Sci-Fi apocalypse!  They are about the itchiest thing I've ever been bitten by.
Chit-Chat / Re: Covid-19 Vaccination
« Last post by skippyc on June 12, 2021, 09:49:09 PM »
Still waiting for my second jab. I have loved restirement it comes with a lot of freedom, but i don't get any public holidays anymore.
R65 Technical FAQ/Procedures / Re: Cable Length
« Last post by Burt on June 12, 2021, 08:02:11 PM »
Excellent resource Bob as it also covers my "other" models. 
Chit-Chat / Re: Covid-19 Vaccination
« Last post by Burt on June 12, 2021, 07:26:21 PM »
Well I've had the second AZ jab this week and no big deal.  The hospital was a bit busier as they progress through the list of eligible people.  I was a priority group so jumped the queue. 

Mean while I decided to pull the plug on it all and recently retired.  So no more daily contact with suspect people  :)  Happy days. 
I have had a Wedgetail module for several months, I am expecting another module and two trigger units in the next week or so.

The module is the heart of it, I only bought trigger units because I am too lazy to rebuild old BMW units with locked ADV/RTD modules. I report that the module works and that I have confidence in the maker's testing procedure so I expect the relationship will be a long and happy one.

You will not get more power over a properly setup standard unit.
Some users report better fuel consumption - I have not seen this.

You will get:-

Better starting due to better control over the coil driving process (modern electronics)
Better idling (for the same reason as above)
True 26 degree advance - something my Emerald Isle unit doesn't do reliably

And best of all from the point of view of retrofitting to an older bike, the module simply does not care what coils you use - if they are a type used by BMW they will work - the coil drivers are robust enough so that the need to worry about coil resistance is history.

Oh and it has pretty little blue LEDs that monitor operation and make initial static timing setup a breeze.

I am very happy with the unit and you will be too.
They are definitely out to get me - I was working on the wife's car under the wheel arch and this little fella decided to skid off the car and land on my belly. Then when it moved, made his escape straight at my face, missed and went into the garage. He calmed down after 30 mins or so then made his break. He's obviously not learned that cars are slippery yet as his two pointer turned into a 10 pointer on the roof of my car.
Ride Reports and Event Reviews / Re: Mick's Worldwide R65 Adventure
« Last post by Bob_Roller on June 12, 2021, 08:53:38 AM »
This is an old thread, but an interesting one, ran across it this morning at work .
I'm going to try and contact him and get him to complete the trip in his blog .
BMW Technical Q&A, Primarily R65 / Wedgetail Ignition Closer To Being Available
« Last post by BPT on June 11, 2021, 11:44:58 PM »
Just an FYI for those wondering about these and who aren't on Facebook. Mark Morrissey posted today and said they'd finally gotten all of the components and have started assembling them so they'll be available shortly.
Unfortunately for the US (not only the US, each "region" will have only one dealer, not sure what that means for Europe/UK?) they'll only be available from one place (Tom Cutter).  Still no info on price and when they'll make it over here.
I have no connection, just thought I'd post it here since I remembered a couple of people talking about it recently.
Totally Off-Topic Discussions, Rants, Tire & Oil Threads, Etc. / Re: Flying pests!
« Last post by BPT on June 11, 2021, 11:25:45 PM »
Hummingbirds love plain old sugar water. And once you put it out they remember it and expect it to be there.
They're also very territorial and fight each to take over a feeder as their own.
Crazy but fascinating little creatures.  I've always liked watching them but learned a lot about them last year during the long pandemic days of staying home and staring out the windows a lot.
What do you feed humming birds? Something with glucose or similar i guess?
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