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To which I should have added that more recently I have bought all my brake lines from Motobins, in fact I was lucky enough to score the complete K100 set when they had them on a really good special.
Won't Spiegler (sp?) make custom length brake lines?  When I was in the Army I had the hydraulic shop (I worked in aviation) make lines for my bikes.  AN fittings and steel-braided teflon core line.  Made super brake lines!

All of the SS lines I've gotten for my Beemers came from Moto-Bins...
For years I used to have all my brake lines made up by hose workshops as "hydraulic lines" to allow them to avoid the liability concerns associated with making up brake parts.

If I were you I would obtain the standard parts (or have modern analogues made up) to that your "hydraulic" lines run initially from the handlebar master cylinder to the standard RS/RT distributor that straddles the frame top tube. From there to the front of the fairing lower by way of solid pipe. At the fairing - "standard" braided hose lines to each of the callipers, I would retain the hard lines at the callipers as using the standard components minimizes the amount of custom work required/
The top of the lines on my twin Brembo 1983 R65 are starting to abrade after 30 years of movement. So, I happen to like the black stainless braided pipes and winter is coming.... I have a couple of questions about parts which the 'custom' brake line makers seem to want to run away from:

I have a BMW dealer fitted RT fairing (fitted in UK) without storage boxes and vents etc which suits the bike nicely.
RT higher bars (checked the measurements).
Standard R65 brake routing and they go through the moving black plastic shroud under the headlight rather than out the sides like the 80s and 100s that came with factory fairings.

The top line must be slightly longer that standard due to the bars.
I'd like to delete the hard lines on the callipers and the smaller stainless fittings seem to allow that with the bleed nipple next to them.

After several abortive attempts with suppliers who see "early 80's BMW non-standard" and shut the hatches down with orange beacons and sounders going off. I understand thread sizes, I can measure pipes and can look up parts online. I'm just after a bit of guidance before re-inventing the wheel  :mad:

Chit-Chat / Re: Another Gremlin - Unable to verify....
« Last post by wilcom on October 20, 2020, 05:08:50 PM »
Myself,  I haven't written an address with WWW in front of it in years. I'm sure I have cut and pasted a few. It doesn't seem to make any difference , I always get where I want to go with out the WWW.

So far I really like the new look and feel of the forum, and that's from a old curmudgeon that would usually rather eat cockroaches than change. :furious3:

Justin has done quit a bit of work molding the new platform to our needs. 

GREAT JOB  :beerchug:
Chit-Chat / Re: Another Gremlin - Unable to verify....
« Last post by skippyc on October 20, 2020, 04:37:17 PM »
At the moment I have to login twice to get in, but once i do that all is well.
Chit-Chat / Another Gremlin - Unable to verify....
« Last post by Justin B. on October 20, 2020, 01:28:36 PM »
I have seen a few of the following error in the error log:

Unable to verify the referrer address. Please go back and try again

I figured they were being caused by bots trying to register until it happened to me!  I'm in OK using my phone hot-spot and got this error when I tried to log in.  I posted about it on the SMF forum and they offered a tweak I will implement once I get back but they provided a workaround.

If I attach to the site by entering  "" I get the error.  If connecting by leaving off the WWW I log in properly.  Folks can do this until I can address the root cause which was introduced when I did some redirection stuff to fix the security issues Chrome complained about. 

I hate computers...
Chit-Chat / Re: And now for something completely different - tank tyres
« Last post by Tony Smith on October 19, 2020, 08:38:45 PM »
Ok, got to master how to do more than one attachment with this new board.
Chit-Chat / Re: And now for something completely different - tank tyres
« Last post by Tony Smith on October 19, 2020, 08:37:22 PM »
Sort of a motorcycle.....Well at least it has handlebars, I give you the Kettenkrad light weight gun tractor. I have seen this in operation on one of the museum's open days, compared to a Jeep it is hard to see the point but it is still an interesting thing.

The third photo is a Churchill WWII flail tank, this thing's job was to trundle along using the flail at the front to detonate mines, at the back it has dual post dispensers to mark the safe trail for following vehicles or infantry. That it did this job whilst under fire from defenders is easily seen in the divots knocked out of it in various places. This particular flail tank is one of only two left in the world and is the only one in operating condition.

Been looking into a Laverda 1000 and am following up on another MKM. Watch this space.
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