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BMW Technical Q&A, Primarily R65 / Spline lube
« Last post by jp9094 on Today at 02:59:08 PM »
I had all the splines cleaned and lubed on my 1983 r65 LS at 45600 miles. The bike now has 51000 miles on it and I need to replace the back wheel with a used one. The question is, should I lube the splines on the replacement wheel. If so, what should I use?


Chit-Chat / Re: Covid-19 Vaccination
« Last post by dogshome on Today at 01:22:30 PM »
I didn't, neither did my mum or brother in law. My wife had a couple of days feeling lousy each time. Bruise up her arm also (not at the injection site). Sister got hives which were treated with antihistamine pills. As per other thread, croaking it is six million to one with a jab, much better than what you get with the real thing! My experience is both the Oxford A-Z and Pfizer can give side-effects.

I remember the multineedle jab at school, that had a few side effects. Also the yellow fever in my hip before I went to Nigeria. That one wasn't funny for a few days. The malaria pills I was OK with, several aren't.

So like eating your "greens", well done, they do you good and get ready for more in the coming years  :ROTFLMAO:

No pain, no gain!  :laugh:

I'm glad the U.S. is taking this seriously now and the jabbing process is good.  8)
Chit-Chat / Covid-19 Vaccination
« Last post by Bob_Roller on Today at 08:25:30 AM »
Just curious to see if anyone else has had significant side effects to the Pfizer vaccination .
I got my first dose on March 22, pain at the injection site started after three hours, this was the worst reaction to a vaccination I have ever had, lasted about 10 hours .
Started feeling like the flu was in it's early stages, next morning, I had a hard time getting out of bed to call in sick for work I felt so lousy .
That lasted 3 days, then the sick to my stomach and headache lasted 11 days .
Got my second dose April 12, no issues the day of the vaccination, next morning felt like I had the flu, cold sweat, joint pain, general muscle weakness and the sick to my stomach feeling .
More sick time from work .
Today April 15, feeling good again .
I hope we don't have to get booster vaccinations later on, but I think it's a distinct possibility .
One thing I'll have to say about the 'mega' vaccination sites the state of Arizona has set up, less than 30 minutes from the time I arrived, until I left and that includes waiting 15 minutes to see if you were going to have a reaction to the vaccination .
That all makes good sense. Thankyou! I will have another go at sourcing pipes now  :beerchug:
I am starting to wonder about Milwaukee's designs.  It used to be that their stuff lasted forever but I have had several recent products that have me re-thinking any more Milwaukee purchases.  I have an electric screwdriver which the charger quit working right after warranty so I bought another charger then the screwdriver quit working!  These two items cost more than the kit did.  >:(  The replacement screwdriver worked for about 15 minutes and quit so I sent it in for warranty repair and they replaced it.  I then sent the original in and they replaced it for $66 (I think) so I now have a spare.  I just sent the original charger off and for $44 I now have a spare for that as well.
But, it is a really nice electric screwdriver - when it works!

OK, I feel better now...
BMW Technical Q&A, Primarily R65 / Re: Clutch Cable
« Last post by SoloLobo on April 14, 2021, 06:44:12 PM »
I am running a /5 euro bar clutch cable on my LS.

Anton has a nice page showing the cable lengths and BMW part numbers
It took me a long time to figure what you meant. And I had to call the local BMW  Guru who made the braided lines for my "naked" bike.
Now I remember that the top hose from BMW was somewhat short for the RT handlebar fitted (I also have RT handlebars). So the dealer moved the brass interconnect tube from it's designated place to the top of the triple clamp under the rubber pad. And the Guru confirmed that they should have put a longer rubber tube in order to maintain the original placement.
Frankly, this doe not make sense to me because if you move the Y connecting pipe higher, then the two caliper hoses will be too short...
I've long binned the old rubber hoses so can't mock up or ascertain this...
So maybe my dealer was cheap and did not want to change the upper rubber hose and installed the brakes in a way everything fitted but marginally ? I do not know.
Hope this helps.

P.S. : check on Realoem the parts for the fairing and brakes. You'll see they are the same for the naked bikes.
Ya I figured you could get them but cutting the crimp connectors off of the leads would be a pain
You and me both have been using soldering irons for a long time with absolutely no thermal fuses and they never caused any problems  :flamethrowingsmiley:

If you look at the small PC board next to it
You will see where they originally wanted to mount it there with  solder
But the lead from the element was cut to short to reach the board so i could not relocate it to the board 
You can buy the thermal fuses. They have come inside all sorts of electronic kit for several years. One failed in the fan heater at work (loose connection which burned it). I was tempted to short it out, but then thought it would probably be me that tipped it over and burned the factory down anyway!

Have I sown a seed of doubt?  :naughty:
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