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Title: Flying pests!
Post by: dogshome on September 22, 2020, 12:33:15 PM
King wasp / hornet on his way to work this morning decided to kamikaze me. Luckily I prefer full face helmets. Not quite an egg sized splodge, but big enough to warrant a wet wipe to remove him.

Then on the way home, mr hard-case crow landed right in front of me at 20ft and I'm doing 60MPH. "SUV with blonde" reflex kicked in and somehow I counter-steered round his asp just catching his body on my boot. How he missed the cylinder with his nut I don't know. I'm glad I didn't have time to hoot, or he might have made it to headlight level by the time I got there.

No1 dog (a greyhound) killed 2 crows at once in the back garden and they are solid little things, not like pigeons. The dog is also partial to a hedgehog (which he skins first), rabbits, hares and a whole pigeon including beak and claws). He's a lovely, intelligent and obedient dog - if you are human.

The stressed blondes with kids in SUV seemed easy after these two!

(I also drive a Saab in case the odd moose walks out in front) (we have deer here and they do not have any road sense or brains. Despatching Bambi on the way to work can't be a good thing) ("How was your run into work today? traffic is really bad", "I killed Bambi  :-[ )